The Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau (KMHB) was created in 1999 at the request of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG). Its mandate is to manage and maintain the social housing in the Northern Villages of the Kativik region. Over the past 15 years, the KMHB managed more than 2,800 dwellings in Nunavik's 14 villages.

The KMHB is managed by a board of directors. It has seven members, three selected by the KRG, two by KMHB tenants and two by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy.

Made up of five members, three of whom are elected by the tenants, the housing committee's mission is to receive and analyze dwelling applications and submit their recommendations to the KMHB on the granting of leases.

An employer of choice in Nunavik, the KMHB offers its employees competitive working conditions and gives them the opportunity to receive training to improve their skills and increase their value to the organization.

Aside the Pivallianiq Program, there is a Program Promoting Home Ownership and Residential renovation in the Kativik region that allow Inuit families to benefit from a Quebec government subsidy covering 75% of the cost of building a new home.

The KMHB remains deeply committed to Northern Quebec, notably toward the beautification of its tenants' living environments and the improvement of Nunavik’s social housing situation.